Culture Shock (via iphone)

It happened rapidly. And it was confusing. First came the loud buzzing of fifteen cell phones vibrating at once. I was about to admonish my students (yet again) for not turning off their phones, when I noticed that mine was also glowing. An Amber Alert was about to take my class on an unexpected tangent […]

Teaching Statistics

Teaching introductory statistics (Psy 107), was and still is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I was told by others in my field that it would be easy because it was simply intro stats, nothing complicated. However, teaching the basics to 50 students from varying backgrounds and little to no formal training in statistics […]

Talking about white privilege

Last week I talked about white privilege in my class. It is not easy to talk about race and unearned privileges that come with skin color. There are of course privileges associated with higher education, speaking standard American English, and even with gender. But I find it particularly difficult to talk about race and the […]

Why is mathematics feared?

I visited family in Cuba over the summer. During that visit, I met professors from Mathematics at Universidad de La Habana who work with writers, actors and musicians to demystify mathematics. In one show that I attended, the former Dean of Mathematics demonstrated how to calculate the number of beats in reguetón songs that are […]

Birth year

Hi Everyone! I teach in the department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders (LCD) since 2008. My classes include Phonetics, Language Disorders, and Language Acquisition in School Aged Children. I am trained as a speech language pathologist and my research focuses on parent education with immigrant families and their children with atypical language development. I […]

Gearing up for a new semester- with your fingers crossed…

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching for the fall 2015 semester. It will mark the beginning of my eighth year teaching at QC. Time flies when you’re discussing grammar, I suppose? Every professor feels that pang of nervousness as a new semester approaches. As adjuncts, there is usually one added piece to the puzzle:  The […]

Announcing The MathZorro Podcast

Abstract: In Fall 2014, I recorded podcasts with my Combinatorics students and they are now ready for consumption.  You can read descriptions of the episodes, or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

One of my core teaching philosophies is that students are the most motivated to learn and internalize the concepts they are learning best when […]