Assessing Participation

As we finalize our syllabi for the spring semester, I want to address the issue of student participation. We know that we cannot grade for attendance – or lack therof – so we must employ other means to ensure that students who attend class and participate earn credit. Built in to the requirements (and grade […]

QC’s Behavioral Intervention Team

Today I attended a presentation by NYPD about active shooter incidents, and the best way to respond. A January 5th email sent from Bill Keller, VP for Finance and Administration, explained: “Queens College is working with the New York Police Department to ensure that our community is as prepared as possible to handle such an […]

Cold Calling on Students

Hi All,

I hope all of you are doing well so far in this semester and hopefully more of you are enjoying this chilly weather than myself. I would like to get feedback on a teaching strategy of sorts that I have always employed as long as I have taught. I like to call on […]

Dealing with Large Class Sizes

Hi everyone! I am sorry that this is my first post of the new school year; getting back into the swing of things has been more difficult for me this semester than in the past.

I would love to hear from everyone about how you deal with large class sizes. I am teaching a graduate […]

“Extra Credit” Assignments Part II

There has been one post on this blog on the subject of “extra credit” work, and it drew some very good comments, but I feel that it should be brought up again.

I just returned graded midterm exams to students in my introductory courses.  Inevitably, a handful of them expressed disappointment with their test scores. […]

Students in Need of Special Services

This semester I have my first student affiliated with the Office for Special Services for Students with Disabilities.  I knew something was up when I assigned a four question introductory sheet that just asked students to explain why they were taking the class, what they hoped to get out of the course, what they thought […]

Departmental support

Due to the large number of adjuncts professors who teach undergraduate Psychology courses, the Department of Psychology established two adjunct representative positions.  The role includes being a liaison between the faculty and adjuncts professors by attending monthly departmental faculty meetings.

Most importantly, adjunct representatives organize meetings that provide opportunities for adjunct professors to meet each other […]