Jenny Porter

Hi Everyone! I’m an adjunct lecturer at Queens College teaching Psy 107: Introduction to Statistics. I also work full-time as a research assistant in the lab of Dr. Yoko Nomura in the Psychology Department, studying the effects of maternal stress and prenatal environment on child development. I have a Master’s in Psychology and am applying […]

Institutional Loyalty to Adjunct Faculty

So far, I have found my department to be loyal, after all I am still teaching here. They have given me a course (or once two) each semester since I had started here. The annoying thing is that at this point I am considered an external adjunct (meaning I am not a student in the […]

End of Semester

The official topic of the month is about the commencement, and endings and beginnings and what not. I personally didn’t go to my graduation or commencement ceremony when I was in undergrad. Not that I don’t find it important, after all, it is an exciting day to celebrate four years of education (or more or less) […]

How did you spend your spring break?


I missed April, but figured it’s still the beginning of May, so I can get away with this topic.

I am Jewish so Spring break isn’t so much of a break, it’s more of just a break from classes, as I  celebrate the holiday of Passover. It’s actually nice to have one week where […]

Internationalize Queens College? Absolutely. Let’s Start with Foreign Language Requirements

It was with a curious mix of pleasure and surprise that I received today an email—which most of you will also undoubtedly have received—from Queens College President Matos informing me that

“[…] Queens College is currently developing a strategy for comprehensive internationalization […and] reviewing current internationalization activities to clarify institutional goals, and developing a strategic […]

College Writing: Could We Discuss Reasonable Expectations and Teach Good Grammar?

As an instructor of College Writing, I am struck by what expectations are placed upon our students in terms of the types of essays we ask them to produce and the level of academic savvy we presume they should display even within their very first semester of college.

Having been […]

The Red Balloon

“The Red Balloon” is a short film, produced in France.  In 1956 it won the Oscar for Best Short Film. It is a movie  about a boy who has a magic balloon.  For those who have not yet experienced “The Red Balloon,” it is available on youtube.   It is lyrical and poetic.

In the days […]