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Peer editing

Peer editing is a teaching technique that ought to always be terrific. Students get to teach and learn from one another with minimal instructor intervention. It’s low stakes. It’s reflexive. Students can work with people and writing that is unlike themselves and their own. Everyone gets to participate, down to the quietest students.

But I […]

Bb as a Tool

I agree that Bb is a great tool when students use it properly. Having Bb handle the “checks and balances” of assignments takes a lot of pressure off the instructor. For me, it keeps me organized and on task. After I sign in, I immediately check to see what needs to be graded. More importantly, […]

Library Resources

New adjuncts can generally use all the help they can get. One of the resources that I learned about after a few years, but I wish I had known earlier on, was the wonderful library resource workshops offered by James Mellone.

I teach some W courses with research requirements and while I spend a fair […]

Alan Gonzalez

“My Intro (or Better Late Than Never)”


I’m late to the party. For that I apologize… but nevertheless, here goes.

I’m an Adjunct Lecturer with the Sociology department. My classes in the Fall and Spring semesters are two of the core classes for Soc majors/minors: Social Statistics and Sociological Analysis (which I co-teach with […]

Things I Wish I Knew

If I only knew…

I teach face to face (f2f) and blended courses at QC loving every minute of it! I rely heavily on Blackboard (Bb) not only for teaching online but for checks and balances as well. I am an eco-friendly classroom and do not accept any hard copies of assignments (nor emails), each […]

An Honest Welcome

Before the first day of class, I considered the atmosphere I wanted to try to foster in my classroom. I wanted it to be a place of conversation, questioning, and mutual respect. I wanted to encourage my students to bring themselves – their personalities, senses of humor, genuine questions – into the classroom. I wanted […]

Favorite beginning of semester classroom activity

One of my favorite activities at the beginning of each semester is to pose a question to all of the students in the class and have each student respond individually. Logistically this works better with a smaller class. For example, on the first day of class students take turns stating their their name and major, […]