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To Blog or Not to Blog?

Forgive, but I couldn’t resist the title, having just covered for someone teaching Hamlet this semester. Clearly, I’ve joined “The Teaching Circle” blog, and am therefore actively blogging (or starting to, at least). I am, however, completely ambivalent about the project. After I tell you why, please let me know your thoughts.

I love the […]

Remaining Consistent

Often adjuncts try to be popular with students. In concept this is a nice idea, but in practice it can be problematic. It can result in grade inflation and perhaps worse, not treating every student the same.

I’m sure you all know the importance of a solid and comprehensive syllabus, discussed on day one and […]

Joy Quiles

Hello Adjunct Bloggers!!!

I am new to blogging but very excited to be a part of this community. I think this is a great forum to help each other out in since we all know teaching can be challenging at times.

My name is Joy Quiles and I have been an Adjunct at QC Psychology […]

Paul Fadoul

Hello Fellow Bloggers: I am an adjunct in the Modern Languages and Literature Department at Queens College but also at St John’s University. I am working on a doctorate in French Studies at the Graduate Department. I never blogged or even read a blog before. But I am looking forward to the experience. I plan […]

Synchronous Session: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

When I first started teaching at Queens several years ago, it snowed early in the semester. I held class that evening and white knuckled it home. The following week, one of the students was absent, but I didn’t pay attention to it as it was his first absence. When he returned to class, he was […]

Pedagogical/Teaching Support for Adjuncts!

As I sit in my bed, cozy and warm, looking out the window at the terribleness that is ensuing (in fact, even when I close my eyes I know what’s going on because of the whipping and swirling winds and the ice pelting my windowpane) I think to myself, jeez what fortune to teach […]

Blackboard and Large Class Sizes

As I mentioned in my Intro, I often struggle with two major motivations: I do not want the students to suffer because their department employs more adjuncts than full-time instructors, and I do not want my own work and other obligations to suffer. With the increasing number of students enrolling in linguistics class, this is […]