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Maintaining Firm Deadlines

I opened my QC email today and found this in my inbox with the subject line “Question”:

“Hi Professor, can you please change the date of the homework to April 3? I don’t think I will finish in time for the due date tomorrow. Thank you.” (Notice that the student didn’t even supply […]

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Midterm

Exams are nerve-wracking! As some of the recent conversations on our blog address, they can be nerve-wracking for the instructor as well as the students. We ask ourselves, have my students learned anything? Have I taught them well? If they do badly, does it mean they just don’t care, or that I’ve […]

Tried something different

Hi there,

As I have said earlier I teach undergraduate Genetics recitation. The format of the class is that there is one problem assigned for each class which is listed on the syllabus. The students should have worked out the problem before hand (Ideally speaking Of Course) or if they do not understand it I […]

Student – Teacher Interaction – An Anonymous Survey is the Answer

My friend in my lab gave me an excellent tip on how to enhance your teaching and your relationship with your students that I would love to share with you guys. Very simple, just give out a mid-semester survey (open ended questions about your teaching methods, as well as their studying habits). Of course tell […]

Uday Madaan


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Uday Madaan and I an adjunct lecturer/doctoral candidate at QC. I am currently teaching genetics at the undergraduate level. I have previously taught Anatomy and Physiology at Lehman College for nursing students and at QC for non-bio majors. I think this blog is a great […]

Testing and Student Indignation: An Update

Thanks for all of your insightful responses to my earlier post “Tests and Grades and Assignments…”

I give my 101 tests online because there are 68 students enrolled and I feel 3 tests is the best format, but can’t possibly manage all that grading. I accept that this means that some of them are going […]

Carol Elk

Hello to Fellow Bloggers,

This is my first experience with blogging, an experience I felt would help move me into the 21st century. Because I prefer face to face interactions I have stayed away from this venue, however it is time to experience a new dimension. I have been an adjunct at Queen College since […]