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Ray E. Skrabut

Hello to everyone in the group!

I’m excited to share my experiences and also to learn from the veterans out there (I’ve been teaching at QC since 2009).

My interests are primarily technology in the classroom and how it impacts the students and how instructors must prepare for a different classroom experience as compared to […]

A response to “Remaining Consistent”

I started this as a comment on Phil’s post on Consistency, but it’s a big issue I work with and felt it would serve better as its own post.

Phil started a conversation about the importance of being firm and upholding rules and boundaries with students, especially in the face of “special circumstances” and the […]

The Move to Hybrid/Online Teaching (or How to Avoid Being a Luddite) – Part 1

(Note: I labelled this post “Part 1” since there is A LOT for me to talk about regarding this particular topic. For now, I’ll focus on one of the courses I’ve been teaching lately and leave my other comments for future Teaching Circle entries)

For the past 3 semesters, I’ve been co-teaching Sociological Analysis – […]

Stylebook/Internet Site Recommendation

When I first started teaching at Queens, my classes were solely face-to-face. Students “reported” that they read the material, but when I asked them at the beginning of the next class to respond to an oral prompt related to the reading, I discovered that some did not read the material and others did not “get” […]

Tests and Grades and Assignments, oh my.

Well, this isn’t really an issue that’s limited to the experience of the adjunct but it is one that could be mediated by it. It’s that time again… time for tests and grades. I hate this time, not least of all because of the enormous pile of grading that comes home with me, but because […]

Rec letters

About once a year, a student will ask me for a rec letter. Usually it’s a student with whom I have good rapport, and I would love to write it. But even though I am flattered to be asked, often I don’t.

Here’s why:

1. I don’t have a PhD yet. The student is trying […]

Adjunct Co-Teaching Model

I’m not sure if I “invented” this, but I’ve been co-teaching remotely (on both sides), using Skype for several years.

The idea came to me one summer when a colleague of mine had moved to North Carolina and I asked him to Skype (we actually used a more primitive platform at first) in for a […]