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Distinguishing between Students as ‘students’ or Students as ‘people’

Example 1: When prompted to answer a question in class, David responds, somewhat unfazed, “oh sorry, i was just spacing out staring out the window.” While a little disgruntled at first, I later learned that he has a learning disability. Because the college doesn’t recognize it, I wasn’t informed. Example 2: Katie and Rick, a […]

Advice needed

I am currently teaching a class where the class grade is largely determined by written assignments. For the first written assignment a student received a low grade. After the low grade, this student informed me that she attended multiple tutoring sessions at the writing center. I have now read her second assignment, and it is […]

Quality of the writing in an assignment

I am struggling with the quality of writing that students are producing for written assignments. Although one section of the rubric might contain statements such as : “No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Paragraphs are well structured. Sections are well organized. APA format is used.” this seems to be totally disregarded. I have students who […]

Paper versus assignment uploads

Hi again,

The semester is almost over and all the students are uploading a major course project worth 30% of their grade into blackboard. For the first time I am not allowing any project to be handed in on paper. One year I actually had a student who said that she had handed everything in […]

An alternative to Blackboard

In the fall of 2013, I began using Piazza, an online platform that facilitates interaction between students and instructors in real time using a simple wiki-style interface. The core of Piazza is its “Q&A” page, where instructors and students can post notes and questions. Each question can be answered by both the instructor(s) and the […]

Attendance presentations- absense

ATTENDANCE FOR PRESENTATIONS- This semester I have tried to assign the students oral reports with power point presentations. Students were to work in pairs and pick out a HACCP issue in their fieldwork site. All topics needed to be approved by me. During the 40 hour fieldwork requirement different issues occurred and some students lost […]

The Witch’s Broomstick

The assignment for my Business Law course reads in its entirety:


The student will obtain a documentary paper copy of a collectively bargained agreement between an employer conducting operations in the United States and an American labor union. The agreement must cover employees working in the United States (though there may be incidental […]