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Article on Student Evaluations

Just a quick post today (as I’m still in post-Spring-Break catch-up mode) to share this article I found on Zite. [New iPad-owners, take note: Zite is the best!]

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how student evaluations should or shouldn’t be used to judge what we’re doing correctly or incorrectly. There was one semester, […]


Over the past five years of teaching, I have come to believe that (long) writing assignments do not advance student learning unless drafting and revision are part of the required process.

In my first years, I started out offering the chance to revise (and to raise the grade) for any student who chose to, within […]

Low Exam Scores

How do you all deal with low whole-class exam scores?

I recently graded my students course exams, which used to be a midterm but due to spring break happening so late in the semester ended up covering most of the class material. I graded them over the break and was surprised at how many students […]

Course Pace and Depth

When I first started as an adjunct lecturer I was a second semester graduate student who was just learning that everything she had learned in undergrad was a lie or a simplified version of the truth. This terrified me, as I was unsure what I should be teaching my students, who would now be looking […]

Energy levels

Hi All,

I wanted to share an issue I find myself having sometimes while teaching. I believe most teachers if not all go through this or perhaps its just me. As you all know I am a doctoral student and an adjunct. Doctoral work can be quite rigorous and between planning experiments, executing the experiments, […]

Writing Process – Raw

The first year I began teaching at Queens, I read a Chronicle of Higher Education article online dealing with students hiring ghost writers to produce their papers. Recently, when I went onto their site, I saw the same article listed as the most viewed.

Because of that article and a recommendation from a colleague, I […]

Holding Students Accountable

While I try to pay close attention to policy changes, sometimes I overlook things when I am putting together my syllabi for the year. I am always willing to fix any challenges I have in my syllabus to adhere to department policy as I like to be in line with what is expected of me. […]