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Group Projects

We all know and remember them well. I am going to venture to guess most of us hated them. It’s no surprise that our active and prepared students also dislike them.

At the end of each semester I ask my students to present interdisciplinary mini-lessons to their peers. This makes them active participants in the […]

Life of an Adjunct

Before I begin I would like to say that I am not claiming this to be the experience of all adjunct professors, but just the experience that I have had and that of my friends who are, like me, both a graduate student and an adjunct.

When I first signed on as an adjunct I […]

Research and Publishing as an Adjunct

Whether you’re an adjunct with a PhD or not, most adjuncts hold degrees where they were trained to publish their research or at least collect data that has the potential for publication. Much of the discussion in this blog is on teaching and student/teacher interactions. I would like propose a space where adjuncts are encouraged […]

In Class Writing and Encouraging Group Discussions

In class writing assignments are a great way to encourage classroom discussions. My courses are not writing intensive and most of my students are eager to speak in class but there is another layer of learning that comes out in their written work. I teach courses that discuss issues about race, ethnicity, gender and income […]

Getting Students to Take Responsibility (or How to Keep Your Cool and Stand Your Ground)

The event recounted below occurred several years ago in my 2nd (or was it my 3rd?) semester teaching Social Statistics (Soc 205) at QC.


“I can’t believe you failed me!”

These were the dreaded words I heard from a student moments after she got her first exam back. I was in the process of […]

Meaningful Feedback

One thing I find incredibly useful as a student is meaningful feedback from my professors. What I mean by this is feedback that shows me my professor has read my work, synthesized it, and wants to give me genuine feedback to improve my work on the topic moving forward. It’s also important to me to […]


Today’s warm weather feels like a relief – from the cold and from a question that has puzzled me since it got chilly this fall: where to work at Queens College?

Because my commute takes two hours, when I come out to QC I like to spend a little time on campus doing work […]