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Midterms – How to cope… Responding to Students


Noticed that this was the monthly theme, so figured I’d write about it for my first blog on this site.

To be honest, I am not really sure exactly what the theme means. Perhaps it is in reference to the pressure on the Professor to give the exam and to write it up, and […]

Moshe (Marc) D. Katz

My name is Moshe Dovid Katz. I did my undergrad at Queens College where I majored in Psychology and minored in English. I was a lab assistant in Dr. Emily Jones’ lab, which does research in joint attention, specifically with young children with Autism and Down Syndrome for two years. After taking a year off […]

The Grade Inflation Spiral: Adjuncts Are (Unwilling) Contributors

It is no longer simply grade inflation; the issue is the spiral. You know what I mean: QC Freshmen arrive in our classes “hooked” on A’s. They’ve gotten them in every subject in High School. The students are, for the most part, competitive (they probably wouldn’t be at QC if they weren’t at least little […]

Songs about myself: Julie George edition

I’m Julie George. I teach political science and have been at Queens College since 2005. My areas of academic specialization are post-communist politics, especially former Soviet politics, ethnic conflict, democratization and state-building. I teach our introductory Comparative Politics course (which concerns the political structures inside countries, examined in comparison globally), classes on post-Communist and post-Soviet […]

Google Classroom

As some of you might have noticed, Google Classroom is now available for use at QC. This site has the potential to be a great resource, and I’m looking forward to using it with my students.

Like many other platforms, Google Classroom allows teachers to post assignments, keep track of grades, and interact with students. […]

Yves Cloarec

This is “All About Yves.” (Pronounced the same way, but definitely NOT the Bette Davis Movie.)

Greetings! My name is Yves Cloarec. I am an Adjunct in the European Languages and Literatures Department, as well as the English Department. For the “Europeans,” I teach a “Writing about Western Civilization” course; I also sometimes teach French […]

Christopher Hanusa


My name is Christopher Hanusa; I arrived in the Department of Mathematics at Queens College in 2008. I am excited to share my teaching experiences on this blog with my colleagues at Queens College and more widely with the mathematics education community.


This Spring 2015 semester I am especially motivated by my […]