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College Writing: Could We Discuss Reasonable Expectations and Teach Good Grammar?

As an instructor of College Writing, I am struck by what expectations are placed upon our students in terms of the types of essays we ask them to produce and the level of academic savvy we presume they should display even within their very first semester of college.

Having been […]

The Red Balloon

“The Red Balloon” is a short film, produced in France. In 1956 it won the Oscar for Best Short Film. It is a movie about a boy who has a magic balloon. For those who have not yet experienced “The Red Balloon,” it is available on youtube. It is lyrical and poetic.

In the days […]

Andrea Mosenson

Hello Everyone! I am Andrea Mosenson and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences Education in the FNES Department. I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in preparing individuals to be secondary teachers in family and consumer sciences. For those that do not know what family and consumer science is, we teach students how to manage […]

About Socioprof

I came to teaching later in life than most. I had never thought of becoming a teacher, nor did I think that I would be any good at it. How I overcame this was through a combination of financial need (I needed a job) combined with creativity.

My current path of teaching, which […]

Teaching students Mathematica

Abstract: Mathematica has amazing capabilities, and my students have started to harness its power to investigate and create mathematics.

This Spring 2015 semester I am teaching MATH 213: Math with Mathematica. I last taught this course in Fall 2009, and this was the last time it was last taught at Queens College. Back then I […]