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Andrea Mosenson

Hello Everyone!  I am Andrea Mosenson and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences Education in the FNES Department.  I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in preparing individuals to be secondary teachers in family and consumer sciences.  For those that do not know what family and consumer science is, we teach students how to manage the essential pieces in their life including nutrition, interpersonal relationships, consumerism, financial literacy, child development, parenting, and other matters that revolve around the family.  I am just finishing my 20th year at Queens College and cannot believe I have been here that long.  It seems like only yesterday that I started to teach my first classes here.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Recently, I have also taken on the role of Deputy Chair to oversee all the programs in our department that are housed in the Remsen Building.  The other half of our department is housed in the Fitzgerald Gym, so it makes it difficult for the Chair of our department to be everywhere.  It has been an enlightening experience and I am constantly learning something new about the ins and outs of managing people.  To be honest, I really enjoy it!

I look forward to to getting to know you over the next several months as we blog about what makes each of us tick!


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