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Yves Cloarec

This is “All About Yves.”  (Pronounced the same way, but definitely NOT the Bette Davis Movie.)

Greetings!  My name is Yves Cloarec.  I am an Adjunct in the European Languages and Literatures Department, as well as the English Department.  For the “Europeans,”  I teach a “Writing about Western Civilization” course; I also sometimes teach French Language courses. In the English Department, I’ve taught various versions of 110, 130, 161, 162 etc…all with an emphasis on Writing—which seems appropriate, as I received an MFA in  Literary Translation and Creative Writing in May 2014 and I was lucky enough to have my first book (a translation) published right around that time as well.  Before that, I was a self-employed computer consultant for 20 years; and before that is much too far away to really talk about. Speaking of far-away, I will tell you  I was born in the French West Indies and educated in French schools, but I went to college here in NYC and received my Bachelor’s when Jimmy Carter was in the White House. And that is way many more secrets than I hoped to reveal.

A bientôt



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