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Attendance presentations- absense

This semester I have tried to assign the students oral reports with power point presentations. Students were to work in pairs and pick out a HACCP issue in their fieldwork site. All topics needed to be approved by me. During the 40 hour fieldwork requirement different issues occurred and some students lost their partners and some pairs ended up having a third student added. Regardless of all the issues that occurred, all presentations were due today. This means that all students should have been in class ready for oral presentations, but only 26 of the 35 students were in class. I called the students randomly to present their reports. One student was present but his partner was not. Here is the issue. If the assignment was due today, wasn’t it the responsibility of the students to be present in class today as were the 26? Should those students be penalized for not being able to present their report on the due date? Can I deduct points for not being present? It seems to me that either I should give extra credit points for those who were present or deduct points for not being present?
Any ideas or comments as to how I should handle this is appreciated.

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2 comments to Attendance presentations- absense

  • Hi Jeanette,

    This is what I designed for my group presentations. I set up a wiki for the class. Each group has a wiki page. Each student has to contribute his/her ideas on the page. You may also leave questions for the group on the page. The final product (either a .ppt or a slideshow) has to be linked to this wiki group page before the presentation. At the presentation, they are required to show up. You can design two parts for the grade (for instance, each student will have 5 points for the group work and 5 points for the presentation). Of course, most likely, 1 or 2 students are going to present. Then after the presentation, you set up a 5 or 10 minutes of Q&A. The non-presenter(s) have to answer the questions. In this way, everyone has to be involved in the group work. The 5 points group work can be checked on the wiki page. The student will get a 0 if he/she did not contribute to the wiki page and he/she will get a 0 if she/he is not in class, or cannot answer any questions on the stage.

    I would add points to their work, instead of deducting points as a punishment. In the first session, as I go over the syllabus, I tell the students they have to earn their 100 points (or an A). So they start from 0 point. If they do the work, the points will be added to 100. Psychologically, it is better to reward their good work than punish their laziness (This is what I think).

  • I am starting to ruminate over something similar. For one class’s technology presentations I decided to try NOT assigning presentation days ahead of time, telling my students that everyone must be ready on Day 1 of presentations and I would already have them assigned in my head. What ended up happening was a handful of “can we go next time?” asks due to absences. I was hoping because I was going to spring it on them that they would be present and ready to go, and while it didn’t necessarily backfire, the same thing happened as when I gave out the presentation days ahead of time.

    I really like Rowena’s idea of having a wiki page (or a Google doc) that can track contributors. I think I will try this next semester for the lesson plans my students have to turn in for their presentations; then I can see who has contributed and who hasn’t. I am ruminating over an upcoming post on group projects, so this has helped quite a bit.

    My vote for your problem? If students don’t show up to present on the due date, they don’t get the points. Those who show up and present get the points. It’s as simple as that. Life happens, things occur that prevent you from getting to class, but if you just don’t come, you can’t get the points–you didn’t do the work assigned.