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Getting Students to Take Responsibility (or How to Keep Your Cool and Stand Your Ground)

The event recounted below occurred several years ago in my 2nd (or was it my 3rd?) semester teaching Social Statistics (Soc 205) at QC.


“I can’t believe you failed me!”

These were the dreaded words I heard from a student moments after she got her first exam back. I was in the process of […]

The Move to Hybrid/Online Teaching (or How to Avoid Being a Luddite) – Part 1

(Note: I labelled this post “Part 1” since there is A LOT for me to talk about regarding this particular topic. For now, I’ll focus on one of the courses I’ve been teaching lately and leave my other comments for future Teaching Circle entries)

For the past 3 semesters, I’ve been co-teaching Sociological Analysis – […]

Alan Gonzalez

“My Intro (or Better Late Than Never)”


I’m late to the party. For that I apologize… but nevertheless, here goes.

I’m an Adjunct Lecturer with the Sociology department. My classes in the Fall and Spring semesters are two of the core classes for Soc majors/minors: Social Statistics and Sociological Analysis (which I co-teach with […]