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Cultural differences

Queens is the most diverse borough in all of New York City. Just the same, Queens College is filled with diversity, not just by ethnicity or race but by SES, education level and many other factors. These differences are wonderful and great to have on campus. However, the important question to ask here is, how […]

Adjuncts as a Resource When Teaching a New Class

I am embarking on a new adventure, teaching a class I’ve never taught before. I am very involved with the current literature on the subject, as it is what I plan to write my dissertation on, however teaching a group of students who may not be as passionate as I am about the subject seems […]

Life of an Adjunct

Before I begin I would like to say that I am not claiming this to be the experience of all adjunct professors, but just the experience that I have had and that of my friends who are, like me, both a graduate student and an adjunct.

When I first signed on as an adjunct I […]

Course Pace and Depth

When I first started as an adjunct lecturer I was a second semester graduate student who was just learning that everything she had learned in undergrad was a lie or a simplified version of the truth. This terrified me, as I was unsure what I should be teaching my students, who would now be looking […]

Ashu Kapoor

My name is Ashu Kapoor and I am an adjunct lecturer at Queens College. I have been teaching Psych 107 lab (Statistics lab) for a year now. I am also in the PhD program at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology working toward obtaining my Clinical Psychology degree. My general research interests include memory loss […]