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Departmental support

Due to the large number of adjuncts professors who teach undergraduate Psychology courses, the Department of Psychology established two adjunct representative positions. The role includes being a liaison between the faculty and adjuncts professors by attending monthly departmental faculty meetings.

Most importantly, adjunct representatives organize meetings that provide opportunities for adjunct professors to meet each […]

Advice needed

I am currently teaching a class where the class grade is largely determined by written assignments. For the first written assignment a student received a low grade. After the low grade, this student informed me that she attended multiple tutoring sessions at the writing center. I have now read her second assignment, and it is […]

Favorite beginning of semester classroom activity

One of my favorite activities at the beginning of each semester is to pose a question to all of the students in the class and have each student respond individually. Logistically this works better with a smaller class. For example, on the first day of class students take turns stating their their name and major, […]

Agnieszka Mlodnicka

Hi! My name is Agnieszka Mlodnicka and I am excited to be enjoying the teaching circle blog!

I have been an adjunct instructor in the Department of Psychology for the last couple of years while pursuing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology through The Graduate Center, CUNY. Having had the opportunity to teach large lecture classes […]