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Today’s warm weather feels like a relief – from the cold and from a question that has puzzled me since it got chilly this fall: where to work at Queens College?

Because my commute takes two hours, when I come out to QC I like to spend a little time on campus doing work […]

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Midterm

Exams are nerve-wracking! As some of the recent conversations on our blog address, they can be nerve-wracking for the instructor as well as the students. We ask ourselves, have my students learned anything? Have I taught them well? If they do badly, does it mean they just don’t care, or that I’ve […]

An Honest Welcome

Before the first day of class, I considered the atmosphere I wanted to try to foster in my classroom. I wanted it to be a place of conversation, questioning, and mutual respect. I wanted to encourage my students to bring themselves – their personalities, senses of humor, genuine questions – into the classroom. I wanted […]

Caroline Loomis

Hello all – I’m glad to join you in the teaching circle. My name is Caroline Loomis, and this is my second semester as a Graduate Teaching Fellow in the Urban Studies department here at Queens College. I’m currently teaching a public policy course and co-teaching a course on research methods.

I’m a second-year PhD […]