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Quality of the writing in an assignment

I am struggling with the quality of writing that students are producing for written assignments. Although one section of the rubric might contain statements such as : “No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Paragraphs are well structured. Sections are well organized. APA format is used.” this seems to be totally disregarded. I have students who […]

Extra credit assignment

As we approach the end of the semester, students who are not doing as well as they would like are asking for an extra credit assignment to bring their grade up. Some of these students were careless about their work. They could have asked clarifying questions so that they could do well the first time […]

Carol Elk

Hello to Fellow Bloggers,

This is my first experience with blogging, an experience I felt would help move me into the 21st century. Because I prefer face to face interactions I have stayed away from this venue, however it is time to experience a new dimension. I have been an adjunct at Queen College since […]