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Article on Student Evaluations

Just a quick post today (as I’m still in post-Spring-Break catch-up mode) to share this article I found on Zite. [New iPad-owners, take note: Zite is the best!]

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how student evaluations should or shouldn’t be used to judge what we’re doing correctly or incorrectly. There was one semester, […]

Testing and Student Indignation: An Update

Thanks for all of your insightful responses to my earlier post “Tests and Grades and Assignments…”

I give my 101 tests online because there are 68 students enrolled and I feel 3 tests is the best format, but can’t possibly manage all that grading. I accept that this means that some of them are going […]

A response to “Remaining Consistent”

I started this as a comment on Phil’s post on Consistency, but it’s a big issue I work with and felt it would serve better as its own post.

Phil started a conversation about the importance of being firm and upholding rules and boundaries with students, especially in the face of “special circumstances” and the […]

Tests and Grades and Assignments, oh my.

Well, this isn’t really an issue that’s limited to the experience of the adjunct but it is one that could be mediated by it. It’s that time again… time for tests and grades. I hate this time, not least of all because of the enormous pile of grading that comes home with me, but because […]

Blackboard and Large Class Sizes

As I mentioned in my Intro, I often struggle with two major motivations: I do not want the students to suffer because their department employs more adjuncts than full-time instructors, and I do not want my own work and other obligations to suffer. With the increasing number of students enrolling in linguistics class, this is […]

Emily Long Olsen

I’m an adjunct in the Linguistics & Communication Disorders Department at QC. I also work as an ESL Tutor at Stern College for Women (at Yeshiva Univ.) and I’m a PhD student in Linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center. This is my second year teaching at Queens – my fifth semester. I taught one semester […]