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Students in Need of Special Services

This semester I have my first student affiliated with the Office for Special Services for Students with Disabilities. I knew something was up when I assigned a four question introductory sheet that just asked students to explain why they were taking the class, what they hoped to get out of the course, what they thought […]

Distinguishing between Students as ‘students’ or Students as ‘people’

Example 1: When prompted to answer a question in class, David responds, somewhat unfazed, “oh sorry, i was just spacing out staring out the window.” While a little disgruntled at first, I later learned that he has a learning disability. Because the college doesn’t recognize it, I wasn’t informed. Example 2: Katie and Rick, a […]

Pedagogical/Teaching Support for Adjuncts!

As I sit in my bed, cozy and warm, looking out the window at the terribleness that is ensuing (in fact, even when I close my eyes I know what’s going on because of the whipping and swirling winds and the ice pelting my windowpane) I think to myself, jeez what fortune to teach […]

Kristen Hackett

Greetings everyone!

I’m a third year Environmental Psychology doctoral student at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Generally speaking, my research interests are varied, but generally focus on globalization and its [mostly detrimental] effects on the human condition, to the production, reproduction, and potential for rupture of our growing inequality, to working to ensure people have access […]