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Infusing Critical Thinking In A College Classroom

I recently attended a conference at Columbia University. The theme was critical thinking. As Americans, we are taught that critical thinking is a valuable skill that must be cultivated and honed. We are encouraged from a young age to think critically, and as such, we except our students to do the same.

This can be […]

Technology to the rescue!

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving, and all the students were already mentally checked out. How to help them focus? I was looking for a fun, interactive, activity for the last class before the break. I decided to use Google Forms to engage my ESL students while teaching them about Thanksgiving.

A colleague of mine at […]

Culture Shock (via iphone)

It happened rapidly. And it was confusing. First came the loud buzzing of fifteen cell phones vibrating at once. I was about to admonish my students (yet again) for not turning off their phones, when I noticed that mine was also glowing. An Amber Alert was about to take my class on an unexpected tangent […]

Gearing up for a new semester- with your fingers crossed…

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching for the fall 2015 semester. It will mark the beginning of my eighth year teaching at QC. Time flies when you’re discussing grammar, I suppose? Every professor feels that pang of nervousness as a new semester approaches. As adjuncts, there is usually one added piece to the puzzle: […]

Cramming it In : Summer Sessions

When teaching in the fall or spring semester , it seems easy enough to follow a syllabus. You have fifteen weeks to manage a course, steer your curriculum and accomplish the goals you have set for the class.

I am just now remembering that summer sessions are a completely different animal. The program in which […]

Google Classroom

As some of you might have noticed, Google Classroom is now available for use at QC. This site has the potential to be a great resource, and I’m looking forward to using it with my students.

Like many other platforms, Google Classroom allows teachers to post assignments, keep track of grades, and interact with students. […]

Leigh Somerville

Hello QC!

My name is Leigh Somerville and I have been an instructor at The English Language Institute (ELI) at Queens College since 2007. I have been teaching English as a Second Language at the post-secondary level for almost ten years. I have also taught in Columbia University’s American Language Program as well as the […]