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Dealing with Large Class Sizes

Hi everyone! I am sorry that this is my first post of the new school year; getting back into the swing of things has been more difficult for me this semester than in the past.

I would love to hear from everyone about how you deal with large class sizes. I am teaching a graduate […]

Group Projects

We all know and remember them well. I am going to venture to guess most of us hated them. It’s no surprise that our active and prepared students also dislike them.

At the end of each semester I ask my students to present interdisciplinary mini-lessons to their peers. This makes them active participants in the […]

Meaningful Feedback

One thing I find incredibly useful as a student is meaningful feedback from my professors. What I mean by this is feedback that shows me my professor has read my work, synthesized it, and wants to give me genuine feedback to improve my work on the topic moving forward. It’s also important to me to […]

Low Exam Scores

How do you all deal with low whole-class exam scores?

I recently graded my students course exams, which used to be a midterm but due to spring break happening so late in the semester ended up covering most of the class material. I graded them over the break and was surprised at how many students […]

Holding Students Accountable

While I try to pay close attention to policy changes, sometimes I overlook things when I am putting together my syllabi for the year. I am always willing to fix any challenges I have in my syllabus to adhere to department policy as I like to be in line with what is expected of me. […]

Nicole Lorenzetti

My name is Nicole L. Lorenzetti, and I am an instructor in the Secondary Education and Youth Services department. I am also a PhD student at the Graduate Center in Educational Psychology, and my research interests are centered around pre-service teacher candidate—the exact population I have the pleasure of teaching.

This is my third semester […]