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Adjunct Co-Teaching Model

I’m not sure if I “invented” this, but I’ve been co-teaching remotely (on both sides), using Skype for several years.

The idea came to me one summer when a colleague of mine had moved to North Carolina and I asked him to Skype (we actually used a more primitive platform at first) in for a […]

Library Resources

New adjuncts can generally use all the help they can get. One of the resources that I learned about after a few years, but I wish I had known earlier on, was the wonderful library resource workshops offered by James Mellone.

I teach some W courses with research requirements and while I spend a fair […]

Remaining Consistent

Often adjuncts try to be popular with students. In concept this is a nice idea, but in practice it can be problematic. It can result in grade inflation and perhaps worse, not treating every student the same.

I’m sure you all know the importance of a solid and comprehensive syllabus, discussed on day one and […]

Online Blackboard Exams

Teaching fully online courses can work well for both students and faculty. However, how to evaluate online students involves significant tradeoffs. All essays / writing assignments submitted via SafeAssign? Require the exams to be on campus? Or use the online exam function in Blackboard.

I’ve tried all of those methods and have found that for […]

Adjunct – Student Interactions – Be Careful of Parents

Being aware of FERPA rules is important, but sometimes parents can literally inject themselves into a situation in a manner that even the most experienced adjunct might find difficult to handle correctly.

Perhaps sharing my experience can help others manage “helicopter parents.”

I had a student – with a documented disability – who had such […]

Phil Lewis


I have been teaching Sociology courses at Queens College for the past ten years. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach all of the required courses with the exception of statistics.

For the past year I’ve taught online courses in Race and Ethnicity, and the Sociology of Sports while I teach in person at Skidmore […]