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Assessing Participation

As we finalize our syllabi for the spring semester, I want to address the issue of student participation. We know that we cannot grade for attendance – or lack therof – so we must employ other means to ensure that students who attend class and participate earn credit. Built in to the requirements (and grade […]

QC’s Behavioral Intervention Team

Today I attended a presentation by NYPD about active shooter incidents, and the best way to respond. A January 5th email sent from Bill Keller, VP for Finance and Administration, explained: “Queens College is working with the New York Police Department to ensure that our community is as prepared as possible to handle such an […]

Technology Challenge: The Digital Divide

Across the academy, instructors are being urged to incorporate more technology in their teaching; blended classrooms, flipped classrooms, and hybrid or online courses are trendy new pedagogy. Despite my belief that there are real benefits to the judicious use of technology in teaching and learning, I am concerned about the way in which the shift […]

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Forgive, but I couldn’t resist the title, having just covered for someone teaching Hamlet this semester. Clearly, I’ve joined “The Teaching Circle” blog, and am therefore actively blogging (or starting to, at least). I am, however, completely ambivalent about the project. After I tell you why, please let me know your thoughts.

I love the […]

Robin Hizme

Hello everyone! I am excited to join this multi-disciplinary community of bloggers with wide-ranging adjunct experience. I’ve been teaching at QC since 2001 in the English department and am a PhD candidate in English at the CUNY Graduate Center. I’ve also taught – as an adjunct – at Baruch, Hunter and John Jay, but have […]