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Writing Process – Raw

The first year I began teaching at Queens, I read a Chronicle of Higher Education article online dealing with students hiring ghost writers to produce their papers. Recently, when I went onto their site, I saw the same article listed as the most viewed.

Because of that article and a recommendation from a colleague, I […]

Stylebook/Internet Site Recommendation

When I first started teaching at Queens, my classes were solely face-to-face. Students “reported” that they read the material, but when I asked them at the beginning of the next class to respond to an oral prompt related to the reading, I discovered that some did not read the material and others did not “get” […]

Bb as a Tool

I agree that Bb is a great tool when students use it properly. Having Bb handle the “checks and balances” of assignments takes a lot of pressure off the instructor. For me, it keeps me organized and on task. After I sign in, I immediately check to see what needs to be graded. More importantly, […]

Synchronous Session: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

When I first started teaching at Queens several years ago, it snowed early in the semester. I held class that evening and white knuckled it home. The following week, one of the students was absent, but I didn’t pay attention to it as it was his first absence. When he returned to class, he was […]

Carol Hacker

Hi, Everyone! My name is Carol Hacker, and I am an adjunct instructor in the Secondary Education Literacy Program. I look forward to participating in this campus-wide adjunct blog. It is an opportunity to reconnect with others I have taken courses with and meet other educators through this site.

I’ve been teaching part-time at Queens […]