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Birth year


Hi Everyone! I teach in the department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders (LCD) since 2008. My classes include Phonetics, Language Disorders, and Language Acquisition in School Aged Children. I am trained as a speech language pathologist and my research focuses on parent education with immigrant families and their children with atypical language development. I was recently awarded tenure and I am still recovering from the process. Maybe life moves a little more slowly without so many timelines. The publications that seemed impossible (one article took 3 years) are finally coming out. In my experience, going through tenure reminded me of what it was like to work on my dissertation—that it was never going to end and it would consume me.  And then it was over, done and completed, and life went on and it was a little better than before academia. Now it is sinking in—I have a license to continue learning.  Maybe this was my birth year.

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