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Career Development & Internship…

Career Development & Internships, I wish I knew!!
The Career Development & Internships office is a great resource that I accidentally discovered a few semesters into my adjunct teaching career at QC. The office is a great resource for students and alumni. Here are some of the services that the Career Development & Internships office offers:
Career counseling and assessment
Computer-based career guidance
Resume, job interview and job search counseling
Career forums, graduate school fair and career fair
Full-time, part-time, and summer jobs
Career literature
Employer profile and literature
Credentials service
The office even will send guest speakers to the classroom and if you teach courses like I do about careers etc. it is very appropriate to have one of the guest speakers.

Every semester I have Mr. Mark Klein speak to my class, he speaks to the students about job seeking techniques, networking, resumes etc. and other helpful resources the office offers. The students usually are not familiar with the office and it’s valuable resources. After the class presentation they usually follow up with 1:1 resume counseling etc.

The Career Development & Internship office also offers valuable workshops for networking such as LinkedIn.
I hope this helps! Here is the webpage,call and make an appointment for Mr. Klein to speak to your class!http://www.qc.cuny.edu/StudentLife/services/advising/career/Pages/default.aspx

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