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Nazreen Bacchus

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nazreen Bacchus and I teach Sex and Gender, Social Problems and Gendered Immigration in America in the Sociology department. My research concentrates on the urban immigration of South Asian groups in America. I am particularly interested in examining the process of assimilation for the second-plus generations. I received my doctorate […]

Uday Madaan


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Uday Madaan and I an adjunct lecturer/doctoral candidate at QC. I am currently teaching genetics at the undergraduate level. I have previously taught Anatomy and Physiology at Lehman College for nursing students and at QC for non-bio majors. I think this blog is a great […]

Carol Elk

Hello to Fellow Bloggers,

This is my first experience with blogging, an experience I felt would help move me into the 21st century. Because I prefer face to face interactions I have stayed away from this venue, however it is time to experience a new dimension. I have been an adjunct at Queen College since […]

Ray E. Skrabut

Hello to everyone in the group!

I’m excited to share my experiences and also to learn from the veterans out there (I’ve been teaching at QC since 2009).

My interests are primarily technology in the classroom and how it impacts the students and how instructors must prepare for a different classroom experience as compared to […]

Alan Gonzalez

“My Intro (or Better Late Than Never)”


I’m late to the party. For that I apologize… but nevertheless, here goes.

I’m an Adjunct Lecturer with the Sociology department. My classes in the Fall and Spring semesters are two of the core classes for Soc majors/minors: Social Statistics and Sociological Analysis (which I co-teach with […]

Joy Quiles

Hello Adjunct Bloggers!!!

I am new to blogging but very excited to be a part of this community. I think this is a great forum to help each other out in since we all know teaching can be challenging at times.

My name is Joy Quiles and I have been an Adjunct at QC Psychology […]

Paul Fadoul

Hello Fellow Bloggers: I am an adjunct in the Modern Languages and Literature Department at Queens College but also at St John’s University. I am working on a doctorate in French Studies at the Graduate Department. I never blogged or even read a blog before. But I am looking forward to the experience. I plan […]