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Victoria Tomasulo

Hello. I’m an Adjunct Instructor in the Comparative Literature department and an ABD in Comparative Literature at CUNY Graduate Center. I’ve taught at Queens College for eleven years now…can’t believe it’s been that long. For most of those years I have taught writing-intensive comparative literature classes at the Weekend College: “Global Literature II.” I’ve also […]

Birth year

Hi Everyone! I teach in the department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders (LCD) since 2008. My classes include Phonetics, Language Disorders, and Language Acquisition in School Aged Children. I am trained as a speech language pathologist and my research focuses on parent education with immigrant families and their children with atypical language development. I […]

Jenny Porter

Hi Everyone! I’m an adjunct lecturer at Queens College teaching Psy 107: Introduction to Statistics. I also work full-time as a research assistant in the lab of Dr. Yoko Nomura in the Psychology Department, studying the effects of maternal stress and prenatal environment on child development. I have a Master’s in Psychology and am applying […]

Andrea Mosenson

Hello Everyone! I am Andrea Mosenson and I teach Family and Consumer Sciences Education in the FNES Department. I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in preparing individuals to be secondary teachers in family and consumer sciences. For those that do not know what family and consumer science is, we teach students how to manage […]

About Socioprof

I came to teaching later in life than most. I had never thought of becoming a teacher, nor did I think that I would be any good at it. How I overcame this was through a combination of financial need (I needed a job) combined with creativity.

My current path of teaching, which […]

Moshe (Marc) D. Katz

My name is Moshe Dovid Katz. I did my undergrad at Queens College where I majored in Psychology and minored in English. I was a lab assistant in Dr. Emily Jones’ lab, which does research in joint attention, specifically with young children with Autism and Down Syndrome for two years. After taking a year off […]

Songs about myself: Julie George edition

I’m Julie George. I teach political science and have been at Queens College since 2005. My areas of academic specialization are post-communist politics, especially former Soviet politics, ethnic conflict, democratization and state-building. I teach our introductory Comparative Politics course (which concerns the political structures inside countries, examined in comparison globally), classes on post-Communist and post-Soviet […]