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Students in Need of Special Services

This semester I have my first student affiliated with the Office for Special Services for Students with Disabilities. I knew something was up when I assigned a four question introductory sheet that just asked students to explain why they were taking the class, what they hoped to get out of the course, what they thought […]

Departmental support

Due to the large number of adjuncts professors who teach undergraduate Psychology courses, the Department of Psychology established two adjunct representative positions. The role includes being a liaison between the faculty and adjuncts professors by attending monthly departmental faculty meetings.

Most importantly, adjunct representatives organize meetings that provide opportunities for adjunct professors to meet each […]

Adjuncts as a Resource When Teaching a New Class

I am embarking on a new adventure, teaching a class I’ve never taught before. I am very involved with the current literature on the subject, as it is what I plan to write my dissertation on, however teaching a group of students who may not be as passionate as I am about the subject seems […]

how to read evaluations

The semester is over. Grades are in. And now that we have evaluated student work, it’s time to read the evaluations that students have written about us and our work.

Plenty of other people have written better on how complicated evaluations are for adjuncts as people with precarious work situations, leading to problems like grade […]

Life of an Adjunct

Before I begin I would like to say that I am not claiming this to be the experience of all adjunct professors, but just the experience that I have had and that of my friends who are, like me, both a graduate student and an adjunct.

When I first signed on as an adjunct I […]

Getting Students to Take Responsibility (or How to Keep Your Cool and Stand Your Ground)

The event recounted below occurred several years ago in my 2nd (or was it my 3rd?) semester teaching Social Statistics (Soc 205) at QC.


“I can’t believe you failed me!”

These were the dreaded words I heard from a student moments after she got her first exam back. I was in the process of […]


Today’s warm weather feels like a relief – from the cold and from a question that has puzzled me since it got chilly this fall: where to work at Queens College?

Because my commute takes two hours, when I come out to QC I like to spend a little time on campus doing work […]