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How did you spend your spring break?


I missed April, but figured it’s still the beginning of May, so I can get away with this topic.

I am Jewish so Spring break isn’t so much of a break, it’s more of just a break from classes, as I celebrate the holiday of Passover. It’s actually nice to have one week where […]

Midterms – How to cope… Responding to Students


Noticed that this was the monthly theme, so figured I’d write about it for my first blog on this site.

To be honest, I am not really sure exactly what the theme means. Perhaps it is in reference to the pressure on the Professor to give the exam and to write it up, and […]

Assessing Participation

As we finalize our syllabi for the spring semester, I want to address the issue of student participation. We know that we cannot grade for attendance – or lack therof – so we must employ other means to ensure that students who attend class and participate earn credit. Built in to the requirements (and grade […]

QC’s Behavioral Intervention Team

Today I attended a presentation by NYPD about active shooter incidents, and the best way to respond. A January 5th email sent from Bill Keller, VP for Finance and Administration, explained: “Queens College is working with the New York Police Department to ensure that our community is as prepared as possible to handle such an […]

Cold Calling on Students

Hi All,

I hope all of you are doing well so far in this semester and hopefully more of you are enjoying this chilly weather than myself. I would like to get feedback on a teaching strategy of sorts that I have always employed as long as I have taught. I like to call on […]

Cultural differences

Queens is the most diverse borough in all of New York City. Just the same, Queens College is filled with diversity, not just by ethnicity or race but by SES, education level and many other factors. These differences are wonderful and great to have on campus. However, the important question to ask here is, how […]

Technology Challenge: The Digital Divide

Across the academy, instructors are being urged to incorporate more technology in their teaching; blended classrooms, flipped classrooms, and hybrid or online courses are trendy new pedagogy. Despite my belief that there are real benefits to the judicious use of technology in teaching and learning, I am concerned about the way in which the shift […]