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Infusing Critical Thinking In A College Classroom

I recently attended a conference at Columbia University. The theme was critical thinking. As Americans, we are taught that critical thinking is a valuable skill that must be cultivated and honed. We are encouraged from a young age to think critically, and as such, we except our students to do the same.

This can be […]

Announcing the Circular Teaching Squad

Abstract: I discuss the rationale for changing the name of our lunch discussion group. Join us March 22nd!

For a couple years now I have been moderating lunch discussions about teaching and learning on campus here at Queens College. I had been doing so under the guise of the Experiential Learning Group started back in […]


This semester I am teaching Math 555: Games and Puzzles for the first time. The class does not serve as a prerequisite for any other class and it does not fulfill any degree requirements more than miscellaneous math credits, which means that I have a free hand to teach the content I want to teach. […]

Attendance issues

Unlike some other colleges at which I teach, Queens College does not penalize students for failing to attend classes. Students seem to be unaware of this policy. I always begin classes by taking attendance, but little do they know, I use roll call as a mnemonic aid; my classes meet once a week, and with […]

Adjuncting while dissertating

This is the last semester I will be adjuncting while working on a dissertation. By April, hopefully, I will have defended. Which leads me to wonder: what impact will dissertation completion have on my teaching? Has being an ABD hindered or helped my performance?

Being immersed in such an arduous project has taught me a […]

Why compare?

The spring semester has officially started. I decide to try something new in my “Global Literature II” courses. As a first day exercise, I have students think about why comparative literature is valuable as a discipline. What’s the use of making connections between all these books written in different times and places? Why not just […]

New Semester

This will be my 8th post (not including the about me post), so hopefully this means my free iPad mini, yay!! I am definitely looking forward to a bit of an easier semester this Spring. Last Fall was intense, teaching my first Psych 107 Lecture course. I basically created my lectures from scratch (using the […]