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Attendance issues

Unlike some other colleges at which I teach, Queens College does not penalize students for failing to attend classes. Students seem to be unaware of this policy. I always begin classes by taking attendance, but little do they know, I use roll call as a mnemonic aid; my classes meet once a week, and with […]

Technology to the rescue!

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving, and all the students were already mentally checked out. How to help them focus? I was looking for a fun, interactive, activity for the last class before the break. I decided to use Google Forms to engage my ESL students while teaching them about Thanksgiving.

A colleague of mine at […]

Culture Shock (via iphone)

It happened rapidly. And it was confusing. First came the loud buzzing of fifteen cell phones vibrating at once. I was about to admonish my students (yet again) for not turning off their phones, when I noticed that mine was also glowing. An Amber Alert was about to take my class on an unexpected tangent […]

Announcing The MathZorro Podcast

Abstract: In Fall 2014, I recorded podcasts with my Combinatorics students and they are now ready for consumption. You can read descriptions of the episodes, or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

One of my core teaching philosophies is that students are the most motivated to learn and internalize the concepts they are learning best when […]

Internationalize Queens College? Absolutely. Let’s Start with Foreign Language Requirements

It was with a curious mix of pleasure and surprise that I received today an email—which most of you will also undoubtedly have received—from Queens College President Matos informing me that

“[…] Queens College is currently developing a strategy for comprehensive internationalization […and] reviewing current internationalization activities to clarify institutional goals, and developing a strategic […]

Songs about myself: Julie George edition

I’m Julie George. I teach political science and have been at Queens College since 2005. My areas of academic specialization are post-communist politics, especially former Soviet politics, ethnic conflict, democratization and state-building. I teach our introductory Comparative Politics course (which concerns the political structures inside countries, examined in comparison globally), classes on post-Communist and post-Soviet […]

Google Classroom

As some of you might have noticed, Google Classroom is now available for use at QC. This site has the potential to be a great resource, and I’m looking forward to using it with my students.

Like many other platforms, Google Classroom allows teachers to post assignments, keep track of grades, and interact with students. […]