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Things I Wish I Knew

If I only knew…

I teach face to face (f2f) and blended courses at QC loving every minute of it! I rely heavily on Blackboard (Bb) not only for teaching online but for checks and balances as well. I am an eco-friendly classroom and do not accept any hard copies of assignments (nor emails), each […]

Synchronous Session: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

When I first started teaching at Queens several years ago, it snowed early in the semester. I held class that evening and white knuckled it home. The following week, one of the students was absent, but I didn’t pay attention to it as it was his first absence. When he returned to class, he was […]

Blackboard and Large Class Sizes

As I mentioned in my Intro, I often struggle with two major motivations: I do not want the students to suffer because their department employs more adjuncts than full-time instructors, and I do not want my own work and other obligations to suffer. With the increasing number of students enrolling in linguistics class, this is […]


Hey guys, so what do you do when your computer doesn’t work, and you have a mac that doesn’t have the port to connect to the projector??

You try to teach without the visual feeds and the media that you planned… It is a difficult task. I’ve got to admit that I have a lot […]

Online Blackboard Exams

Teaching fully online courses can work well for both students and faculty. However, how to evaluate online students involves significant tradeoffs. All essays / writing assignments submitted via SafeAssign? Require the exams to be on campus? Or use the online exam function in Blackboard.

I’ve tried all of those methods and have found that for […]