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A Protest Against Specialization

Just yesterday (I refer to the song by Charles Aznavour “Hier Encore”), over four decades ago when I wasn’t yet an adult, I used to take long walks with my grandfather through the streets of Paris. Three or four times during each walk, he would pause in front of a building and, with his walking […]

Resources for teachers of writing-intensive courses

For those of you teaching writing-intensive (W) courses: every so often Writing at Queens holds workshops for instructors and professors. I recently joined one led by Karina Attar, which will meet six times this semester. Topics include: designing a W syllabus; developing a course vocabulary; scaffolding assignments; introducing students to theory and criticism; integrating grammar […]


Though the prospect of a free mini Ipad is enough of an incentive for me to continue blogging, I have discovered that I really enjoy it. In this post I want to reflect on why that is: what is it about blogging that makes it more fun and dynamic than other types of writing? For […]

Oh No Snow Day…

Uh oh, it’s a snow day, what do you do????

I wish I would have known this. The guidelines are very specific for the amount of class and contact time and we all design our syllabus to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the college and then an unexpected snowstorm and the QC campus […]

Career Development & Internship…

Career Development & Internships, I wish I knew!! The Career Development & Internships office is a great resource that I accidentally discovered a few semesters into my adjunct teaching career at QC. The office is a great resource for students and alumni. Here are some of the services that the Career Development & Internships office […]

Responding to Student’s Emails…

I wish I knew… We teach digital natives with the expectation of being responded to instantaneously, especially if we teach online or partially online. That means we are “on” 24/7. I was conditioned to respond ASAP to students that were emailing me. Finally we had a department meeting to discuss the expectations of teaching online. […]

QC Copy Center…

Everyone needs to realize that we have a copy center on campus that is free to professors making copying convenience. I wish I would have know about the “repro” center at QC. All you have to do is go to this link and upload the documents you need copied and usually with in three days […]