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Online Testing…

I wish I knew more about Blackboards online testing… The 21st century has brought us to an online educational testing world. All the state and national tests are heading to the electronic online testing format. As educators we should be grooming students foe the digital world and incorporating online assessments so that the students are […]

QC’s Behavioral Intervention Team

Today I attended a presentation by NYPD about active shooter incidents, and the best way to respond. A January 5th email sent from Bill Keller, VP for Finance and Administration, explained: “Queens College is working with the New York Police Department to ensure that our community is as prepared as possible to handle such an […]

Life of an Adjunct

Before I begin I would like to say that I am not claiming this to be the experience of all adjunct professors, but just the experience that I have had and that of my friends who are, like me, both a graduate student and an adjunct.

When I first signed on as an adjunct I […]


Today’s warm weather feels like a relief – from the cold and from a question that has puzzled me since it got chilly this fall: where to work at Queens College?

Because my commute takes two hours, when I come out to QC I like to spend a little time on campus doing work […]

Quality of the writing in an assignment

I am struggling with the quality of writing that students are producing for written assignments. Although one section of the rubric might contain statements such as : “No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Paragraphs are well structured. Sections are well organized. APA format is used.” this seems to be totally disregarded. I have students who […]

Course Pace and Depth

When I first started as an adjunct lecturer I was a second semester graduate student who was just learning that everything she had learned in undergrad was a lie or a simplified version of the truth. This terrified me, as I was unsure what I should be teaching my students, who would now be looking […]

Maintaining Firm Deadlines

I opened my QC email today and found this in my inbox with the subject line “Question”:

“Hi Professor, can you please change the date of the homework to April 3? I don’t think I will finish in time for the due date tomorrow. Thank you.” (Notice that the student didn’t even supply […]