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Student Forays into Pencil Puzzles

Abstract: In the first six days of my pencil puzzles class, my students have had to think deeply about solving and creating Battleships puzzles. This post discusses the day-to-day class mechanics and assignments.

Now I’ll talk about the first few days of my pencil puzzles class. (Previous post setting the stage.) I started the first […]

Attendance issues

Unlike some other colleges at which I teach, Queens College does not penalize students for failing to attend classes. Students seem to be unaware of this policy. I always begin classes by taking attendance, but little do they know, I use roll call as a mnemonic aid; my classes meet once a week, and with […]

Writing Assignments in W Courses: I am thinking about not including them in the overall grade anymore.

I know: you are going to say “Yves is obsessed with this issue of grades.” The truth is that I have been, if not traumatized, at least seriously harassed by students complaining about their grade in my writing courses—even though I think of myself as a very lenient grader; but the other […]