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Cramming it In : Summer Sessions

When teaching in the fall or spring semester , it seems easy enough to follow a syllabus. You have fifteen weeks to manage a course, steer your curriculum and accomplish the goals you have set for the class.

I am just now remembering that summer sessions are a completely different animal. The program in which I teach offers two summers sessions, running for four and six weeks. The students are in class for twenty-four hours a hours per week. For the instructor, it’s a delicate balance. You want the students to feel that they’ve gotten “enough” from a class, but not so much that they are rushed or flooded with material. This is especially important when teaching a language. How much can they absorb in 8 classes? Did I choose the right topics and materials? Questions abound.

Do you teach during the summer? I’d love to hear other perspectives on planning for a shorter course.

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1 comment to Cramming it In : Summer Sessions

  • Jenny Porter

    I have not taught a summer course, but would love to hear what others have done. I thought about writing a post regarding this topic myself as I’ve actually been warned by other faculty not to teach during the summer! There must be advice out there from others who have successfully taught during the dummer.