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Departmental support

Due to the large number of adjuncts professors who teach undergraduate Psychology courses, the Department of Psychology established two adjunct representative positions.  The role includes being a liaison between the faculty and adjuncts professors by attending monthly departmental faculty meetings.

Most importantly, adjunct representatives organize meetings that provide opportunities for adjunct professors to meet each other and discuss shared concerns.  The meetings allow for exchange of information, opportunities to problem solve specific class concerns, and provide social support.
Being an adjunct professor does not have to be a singular and alienating position.  Seeking out other adjunct professors in the same department provides opportunities for consultation and support.  I encourage other adjunct professors to either formally or informally set up a similar opportunity in their own department.
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1 comment to Departmental support

  • I received an email about this, but I did not know they were already elected. This is great, however are the adjuncts aware about who their representatives are. As adjuncts I feel we are all pressed for time, would there be a way to communicate concerns in other ways than meeting in person.
    I feel that the psychology department has made my experience as an adjunct very memorable and they have been a great help through all the hurdles. I agree, and feel that adjuncts should seek out other adjunct professors and other forms of support from their respective departments.