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Theresa Fiani


I graduated with a BA in Psychology from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. I’m currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Psychology – Behavior Analysis Training Area. I’m an adjunct lecturer at QC in the Psychology Department, currently teaching Psychological Disorders in Children and Adolescents. This Sunday will be my first class for this semester. I’m really excited to meet my students and to start teaching them all about the disorders. I’m especially excited because it would be my very first time teaching, having attended many talks about Pedagogy and the teaching of Psychology as well as conferences pertaining to that subject matter, I feel very confident about teaching.

I believe through out this year I will be covering topics pertaining to the “I wish I had known all of this before teaching”, I can convey this message accurately. I am also interested in talking abou the Adjunct – student interaction as well as using technology in class.

I’m really excited in reading other Adjunct’s experiences as well as posting mine, knowing that it would help a lot of other first timers like me.

Any suggestions for my  first day of teaching?

Thanks 🙂

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1 comment to Theresa Fiani

  • Theresa I love your excitement. I share the same. My advice for anyone starting out is to be extremely confident, know your material well and compose an organized syllabus. I have to say my first semester teaching was amazing but the students knew it was a bit intimidating for me and fully tried to take advantage of me with disruptive behavior and excuses for assignments.I consider the first semester the hardest but also the best learning experience you can get.

    Good Luck!!!!