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Grades Are In

So, I got all of my grades in on time, as crazy as it was. Many of my students were scared for their grade, but I think most of them were very satisfied with it. I had one student though that questioned his grade, trying to get me to bump him up to a C from a C- so that he can get financial aid. I honestly feel really bad about it, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do as it would not be fair to the rest of the class. If he wanted to increase ┬áhis grade, he could have sought help throughout the semester, and he didn’t. He wanted to see his exam so that he can check it over to see if he deserved more points, so I sent it to him and haven’t heard back. I gave several extra points during the semester for participation, etc. and for some students it helped to boost their grade that extra slot. For him, he fell just short. Looking forward to the upcoming semester. Teaching lab this time!

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