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Institutional Loyalty to Adjunct Faculty

So far, I have found my department to be loyal, after all I am still teaching here. They have given me a course (or once two) each semester since I had started here. The annoying thing is that at this point I am considered an external adjunct (meaning I am not a student in the grad program anymore) and so I am last on the list when it comes to course preferences. I have some course that I would really love to teach, that I just don’t get to because they are no longer available by the time I get to put in for my preferences. Or another problem is that many of the courses that do remain are at inconvenient times, as since I am only an adjunct here, I have another job that the courses available conflict with. I am therefore limited in the courses I can choose. It would be nice if there were some other options available by the time it got to me.

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