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Library Resources

New adjuncts can generally use all the help they can get. One of the resources that I learned about after a few years, but I wish I had known earlier on, was the wonderful library resource workshops offered by James Mellone.

I teach some W courses with research requirements and while I spend a fair amount of time with the students going over the research methods and objectives needed, the workshops in the library, custom made by Jim are invaluable. The workshops are held in a small lecture space, where students can log into the library resources while Jim goes through the steps. He is very accommodating, often coming in on evenings and Saturdays when needed. He will ask for your course syllabus in advance, and therefore never does the same workshop twice.

There is a small classroom adjacent to the computer room where I generally held the rest of the class, rather than bringing the students back to the traditional classroom in another building.

The only complication the last time I used this great resource was that students now have to swipe their ID’s to enter the library, which means that some will forget theirs and you may have a situation where some may not be able to participate.

Despite that minor issue, I would have loved to have known about this in my first year and I recommend Jim’s workshops to all, but particularly those who have just started teaching.

Any other users of these workshops?

Phil Lewis

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1 comment to Library Resources

  • Thanks for the advice, Phil! Since I’m teaching Freshman English courses, something like this is invaluable. I wish there was more information available out there!