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Online Testing…

I wish I knew more about Blackboards online testing…
The 21st century has brought us to an online educational testing world. All the state and national tests are heading to the electronic online testing format. As educators we should be grooming students foe the digital world and incorporating online assessments so that the students are familiar and comfortable with testing that way. Bb offers a great online test assessment and makes the life of a professor a lot easier by grading and recording the score of the online test while giving the student the online testing experience,

What I wish I know when I first started giving the online tests and quizzes is…The tests/quizes are basically an open book but they are timed so either the students know the material or don’t. In the beginning I had a few students saying they were “kicked out of” the test when in reality the clock did run out because they spent to much time looking up answers. Now after consulting with some colleagues the students sign a contract that they can take the online quiz in the computer lab with the lab assistant or if they take it at home they are responsible for the any issues that arise, internet connection etc. I haven’t had a problem since! :)

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