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New Semester

This will be my 8th post (not including the about me post), so hopefully this means my free iPad mini, yay!! I am definitely looking forward to a bit of an easier semester this Spring. Last Fall was intense, teaching my first Psych 107 Lecture course. I basically created my lectures from scratch (using the […]

Grades Are In

So, I got all of my grades in on time, as crazy as it was. Many of my students were scared for their grade, but I think most of them were very satisfied with it. I had one student though that questioned his grade, trying to get me to bump him up to a C […]

Writing Assignments in W Courses: I am thinking about not including them in the overall grade anymore.

I know: you are going to say “Yves is obsessed with this issue of grades.” The truth is that I have been, if not traumatized, at least seriously harassed by students complaining about their grade in my writing courses—even though I think of myself as a very lenient grader; but the other […]

Is there a future in (and for) Liberal Arts?

In the time since I last blogged here, I have been mulling over the idea that all of my previous posts must have had some common thread—albeit perhaps not an immediately obvious one. After some reflection, it became clear what that thread is: I, like the institution which employs me, am conflicted about what is […]

How Your Students Can Get You Fired

Those of us who teach remotely controversial topics now have reasons to be more alarmed. It appears that a group of graduate students at the University of Kansas succeeded at having their professor relieved of her teaching duties for mentioning (not using) the N-word during a class discussion on race. I will explain the difference […]

Technology to the rescue!

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving, and all the students were already mentally checked out. How to help them focus? I was looking for a fun, interactive, activity for the last class before the break. I decided to use Google Forms to engage my ESL students while teaching them about Thanksgiving.

A colleague of mine at […]

Frustrated – making students happy versus giving them what they deserve

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and I had some extra time so might as well get out some frustration, right? I am currently teaching a 107 lecture course, which I am happy to be teaching, for the first time, and so much has gone wrong, ranging from broken projector to exams not […]