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Student evaluations

Hi All!

I am sure by now most of us have read through our student evaluation of us and either don’t really care what it does, are frustrated with what it says, or are actually happy with the responses. This semester, I am personally a little frustrated with some of the responses. Sometimes the students are expecting so much from the professor, to basically give the “A”grade to them. For example,┬áI have some students saying that I should give more extra credit, when every exam, some quizzes, had extra credit, and there were additional extra credits for some surveys. One person disagreed that┬áreturn assignments in a timely fashion, when for the most part, all assignments were returned the following class. I believe once, it was two classes later, and before exams, I always tried hand back the quiz at the lecture class (not my class) because there was no class in between the last quiz and the exam. And if I couldn’t, I posted an answer key for them to use. Some complained about too many quizzes (every class) and that they were tricky. First, there were only six quizzes (in addition to 3 exams), and second, only four of the quizzes counted (plus one extra credit making seven, and five). I had explained in class that the purpose of the quizzes was mostly to keep them up to date, and specifically tested the areas that people make mistakes on the exam so that they would be prepared for those mistakes once the exam comes. It’s also annoying when you’re called a harsh grader for marking people wrong. I admit that it’s unfortunate that they lose a lot of points for some things, since there is little leeway for partial credit in stats lab, but there is little I can do about that. I try and give the most possible, and again, I have the quizzes to prepare them to avoid making those mistakes that will lose them a lot of points.

Thankfully, for the most part the comments were good, as well as the ratings. For instance, someone called me Dr. Katz, when I am not. It’s just those few who don’t understand that make it frustrating.

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2 comments to Student evaluations

  • Ray E. Skrabut

    Hi, Moshe:

    I give five quizzes during the semester, and like you, I try to get them back to the students by the next class meeting.

    I do not, however, give extra credit. This is not high school, and if the students operate pretty much the same way as in high school, they will be ill-prepared for most college courses.

    That being said, I’m sure your combination of qizzes and extra credit assignments were arrived at after a thorough thought process on your part. What works for you may not work for anyone else.

    As far as evaluations are concerned, “throw out” the evaluations that seem to be on the edges, and take to heart the ones in the middle. This would eliminate the students who have a bone to pick with you (for whatever reason).


    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for the feedback. First, I do “throw out” the evaluations on the edge, it was just that for some reason this semester I got the least evaluations ever, and some that just made even less sense than in previous semesters. All in all, I know I am a good professor, and the class average was good, so I’m not too worried.

      In regards to extra credit, first, since I was teaching a stats lab, for many students this is only their second semester into college, and so it is still a transition for them, and after a discussion with another colleague of mine, there is still some leeway for a little bit of “babying”, but yes I agree with you that at some point they need to understand they are in college not high school. That being said, most of my extra credit is exactly as it states EXTRA credit, in that they are getting credit for doing something extra, above and beyond the normal coursework. For example, tests in stats are typically open book, I give extra credit for doing it closed (not that anyone’s every actually taken me up on that one). This demonstrates a better knowledge of the material, more than what is required of the course, and therefore, I feel it deserves extra notice, and extra credit.
      Additionally, the truth is that many professors do give extra credit, and to say that they are unprepared for the rest of college because you are giving it, is therefore incorrect, because it is a relatively common occurrence. And the fact is that in the real world, whereas extra credit may not be specifically written out there, it is exist. Bosses, and clients, and whomever else, always (okay, maybe not always) recognize when a person goes above and beyond what is expected of them.
      Lastly, extra credit is a way of building teacher student rapport and if done right, can accentuate learning (rapport aside), because it gets students more involved in their learning.

      – Moshe