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Technology to the rescue!

‘Twas the week before Thanksgiving, and all the students were already mentally checked out. How to help them focus? I was looking for a fun, interactive, activity for the last class before the break. I decided to use Google Forms to engage my ESL students while teaching them about Thanksgiving.

A colleague of mine at Columbia recently presented about ways to use Google Classroom beyond documents and presentations. I was intrigued by the real-time student data that can be collected using Google forms.

In minutes, I was able to create a Thanksgiving-themed survey with multiple choice, fill-in-the blank, and fill-in questions. The students answered the questions via cell phone, and I got instant results which we could view as a class. (Only 22% of the class correctly guessed that the average American consumes 4,500 calories on Turkey Day) ┬áIt was a simple, engaging activity that allowed the students to feel involved in what they were learning. The forms are totally customizable, and could be easily modified for any discipline. Plus, imagine the look of joy on your students’ faces when you ask them to take out their cell phones…

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