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Today’s warm weather feels like a relief – from the cold and from a question that has puzzled me since it got chilly this fall: where to work at Queens College?

Because my commute takes two hours, when I come out to QC I like to spend a little time on campus doing work – grading papers, preparing for class, reading for my own graduate courses. In the warm weather, my favorite place to set up shop is at one of the picnic tables by the cafeteria. It’s a quiet place unless it’s lunchtime. There’s fresh air and wifi. However, when it got chilly this past fall, I had to move indoors and I never really settled on a satisfactory workspace.

I hold office hours in our department seminar room or in a small office that is made available for me and other adjuncts to use. I am very appreciative of that space, and I suppose I could wrangle a group of adjuncts into redecorating it, making it cozier and brighter together. When I’m not holding office hours and want to plunk down with a set of papers to grade, I tend to find myself bouncing around: sometimes I find a place in the library (though my wifi doesn’t work terribly well on the quiet upper floors, and I don’t always want to tackle grading in what feels more like a student space). Other times I sit on a bench at the end of a quiet hallway in Powdermaker. I’ve tried different locations, but sometimes I set out for one spot and find it occupied, or my wifi won’t work, and I have to trudge around looking for another place.

I thought I’d pose the question here: Do you work on the QC campus? What are your favorite spots? I’m sure there are little dining areas and couches in corners that I’m missing, and though the weather is getting warmer and I’ll be back at my picnic bench, it would be great to have some new ideas in my pocket for a rainy day!


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3 comments to Workspace?

  • Hi Caroline,

    There is an Adjunct Space in Temp II – four rooms in total. There is a computer lab with Dell PCs and Macs. If you prefer to use your own laptop, you may unplug the wire from one PC and plug into your laptop. There are also two individual conference rooms with PCs, and a faculty lounge with a microwave, a refrigerator, and a toaster. We have sofas and tables there. The wireless network works in there, too.

    All full-time faculty and adjunct faculty have an access to these rooms with the QC card. You may find details on this page http://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/adjunct-space-cep-ii/.

    We are in the process of setting up a swipe-card system in one of the rooms in Queens Hall, too. When that is done, we will make an announcement on the Adjunct Google Group listserv.

  • I have looked for an empty classroom in queens Hall and used the PC in the room to grade assignments on Bb. I have met with students in the Ave. C cafe at one of the tables or a sofa on the 2nd floor (I teach on the 3rd floor). Or I walk across the campus to Powdermaker before class and then back again, which I enjoy doing when the weather cooperates.

    Looking forward to the space in Queens Hall!! Several computers and a phone will be fantastic if possible.

  • Naomi Adiv

    Also: there is food on the second floor of the science building! If you don’t mind a little ruckus (I like the background noise), there is plenty of light, and a bunch of tables.